Imagine being able generate business through word-of-mouth marketing where your fans and followers do all the work.  All you hear today is Facebook this and Twitter that, you’ve probably even been told you need a Facebook Fan Page and Twitter profile for your business.  But like many business owners you’re not really sure how to use these networks to your benefit and with an overload of information about social media flying around on the Internet, it’s hard to decide what will work for you.

Now, most of my clients were naturally skeptical about social media and sometimes even a little confused!  If this sounds like you don’t worry, Initi8 Marketing offer simple, sound advice on what direction your company should be taking in this exciting world of social media.  After all, your customers are spending more than 7 hours per month (on average) on Facebook alone!

Maybe you already started using social media and are spending time updating your profiles with promotions and related company content but not seeing any benefit to your bottom line?  Now would be the perfect time to seek professional advice to develop a strategy that focuses on engagement and achieving business goals.

Why you need a marketing plan


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Having a professionally branded Facebook & Twitter page, set up by a social media expert will ensure your visitors find what they are looking for and interact with you, not your competitors.   But what next?  Posting random updates every now and then just won’t get the results you are looking for.  You need a proper social media strategy that outlines clear goals for your business and how to reach them.


Why you need social media strategy

Business use of social media, is already no longer an option, but a requirement as your company is being introduced to a whole new online world. Initi8 Marketing have successfully lead many social media campaigns for a wide variety of businesses including: restaurants, night clubs, bars, corporations, national magazines, retailers and many more. Results have included 500% returns, 300% increase in likes and 30% of total web traffic.

  • If your looking for business objectives social media can help accomplish, just take a look at the list below:
  • Build awareness
  • Strengthen relationships with clients, prospects, and influencers
  • Better understand your buyers
  • Improve customer service
  • Identify new product ideas
  • Increase web site traffic
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Drive traffic to your trade show displays at events
  • Generate leads
  • Generate sales

With specific goals, a measurable strategy, marketing integration, and value-added content, social media ROI is attainable.
When we consult with clients for the first time, many of them ask, ‘What’s going to be my ROI with social media?’
The answer is: In order to get a return, you must first make the right investment.